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Olney Giant Box Alarm

Saturday, July 12, 2014       Late into the evening a first due box alarm was dispatched to the Olney Giant food store for a fire at the rear loading dock.   An off duty police officer confirmed a working  fire involving a delivery trailer that was backed into the loading dock.   Units made a quick knock on the fire.  Their was minor extension to the structure.



Station 40 Addition

Tuesday, March 11, 2014  Winter appears to have released its grip on the area which has allowed construction to move forward on the Station 40 addition. All efforts will be focused on getting the second floor walls up and the roof on, which will allow for finish work to progress on the first floor of the addition. The first floor area of the addition will allow us to seperate the gym, kitchen, and tv room, which currently overlaps one another. The second floor area will eventually allow us to expand and update the current bunkroom, which over the years has gotten a bit too cozy. SSVFD thanks our community whose continued contributions over the years allows us to tackle projects such as this.



Firefighters Battle 2 Alarm Fire on Christmas Morning

Crews were alerted at 0814hrs. Wednesday December 25th for a report of a house fire with one burned. Units enroute, spotted a column of smoke in the area the fire was reported, and called for assistance prior to arrival. Truck-725 arrived on scene at 10 Narrows Ct. and reported heavy fire conditions on the first floor. Additional units were requested bringing the response to 2 Alarms.

Two firefighters sustained burns while fighting the fire and were transported to the Med-Star Burn Unit. Both are reported to be okay.

Cause of the fire is unknown as of this writing, special thanks to Chief A. M. Kelley (SSVFD) and Chief J. Heflin (KVFD) for the photos, and to FF Eanes for the factual information.

View from Side Alpha showing fire on Division-2

View from Side Alpha showing fire on

View from Chief Kelley's Dash-Cam En-Route to the fire shows the column of smoke which prompted units to call for additional help prior to arrival.

View from Chief Kelley's Dash-Cam
      En-Route to the fire shows the column of
      smoke which prompted units to call for
      additional help prior to arrival.


Can We Find You In An Emergency???

The Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department would like to remind everyone to make sure we can see your house numbers. Please visit the Montgomery County Fire Rescue Public Education Page HERE to make sure you meet all of the criteria so we can find you in an emergency!  




On Saturday, October 26, 2013 Sandy Spring VFD held its annual awards banquet in the Oak Room at Fire Station 4.
Chief Mike Kelley and President Michael Valente extend their congratulations, and present to you those who went above and beyond their call of duty in the year 2012.

It was with deep regret that we acknowledged the recent passing of Life Member Frank Fones A table with a symbolic place setting, a single toll of the bell , and a moment of silence, were carried out in his honor.
Since Sandy Spring is staffed by both volunteer and career personnel, the first two awards have two categories. This enables the department to recognize those who serve in each of these vital capacities.
The “Officer of the Year” awards were presented to Career Captain Bruce Gibbs, and Volunteer Captain Nancy Thornton.
The award for ”Firefighter of the Year” was presented to Career Master Firefighter Steven Pifer, and Volunteer Firefighter Philip Smith.
The recipient of the “Bruce E. Newcomer Emergency Medical Services Provider of the Year” award is EMT Kelly Robinson.

The recipient of the “Junior Member of the Year” is Sean Musgrove.
Life Membership is an honor bestowed on those who have maintained an active membership within the department for 10 years. The member achieving life membership in 2013 is EMS Lieutenant Mark Himes.
The Top 10 Responders for 2012 (in ascending order) are Fire Fighter Philip Smith, EMT Kelly Robinson, Fire Fighter Jennifer Soda, Fire Fighter Brian Park, EMT Jacqueline Earp, Fire Fighter Brendan Bonita, Fire Fighter Thomas Gordon, EMS Lieutenant Mark Himes, Deputy Chief George W. Brown, Jr., and Fire Fighter Eli Fuhrman.
Deputy Chief Brown (Fire Chief in 2012) presented his 2013 “Chief’s Award” to Fire Fighter Brendan Bonita.
President Valente presented his “President’s Appreciation Award” to John Linder, Vice President Musgrove, and Michael Thornton.
The Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary’s “Sarah Dantz Award”, which is their highest award, went to Roseanne Fones.
The Auxiliary’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” was presented to Deborah Cullen.

The Auxiliary Member who achieved Life Membership was Jim Mills.  

The highest honor this department can bestow on a member is the “Spencer J.H. Brown Sr. Award”.
This award is presented to one member per year for outstanding service and dedication to the department, and is so named after our Past Chief, Spencer J. H. Brown, Sr. Chief Brown, or “Pop Brown”, as he was affectionately known, was instrumental in building, not only the Sandy Spring V.F.D., but other departments in Montgomery County as well. Mr. Brown helped to organize the Laytonsville District VFD, the Damascus VFD, as well as the Fifth District VFD in neighboring Clarksville in Howard County.
“Pop” Brown’s legacy in the volunteer fire service in our area, and his dedication, compassion, knowledge, and enthusiasm that he brought forth, only goes to show the size of the shoes an individual needs to fill to even be considered for such a prestigious award.
For outstanding dedication and service to the Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department, and thus to the citizens of the Sandy Spring, Ashton, Brookeville, and Olney areas, the recipient of the “Spencer J. H. Brown, Sr. Award” for 2012 is Deputy Chief George Brown.

Congratulations to all of the award winners, and to all of those who serve, and dedicate their lives to keep our communities, our homes, and our families safe!



Sandy Spring Volunteers Take Top Awards On Labor Day

Uncle Sam stops by Truck-740, Photo by B. Bonita

Uncle Sam stops by Truck-740, Photo by
      B. Bonita

Monday, September 2, 2013  Members headed to Gaithersburg for the Annual Labor Day Parade. Lead off by President Valente, and Deputy Chief Brown, our apparatus lined up ready for show. Following up was Utility-740 with ATV-740 in tow, Brush-740 with Boat-740 in tow, our 1954 Mack Antique Engine, Canteen-740, Tanker-704, and last but certainly not least…Truck-740. As is customary, we headed over to the fairgrounds after the parade to partake in some good clean fun at the Annual Labor Day Fire-Rescue Picnic, and Firefighter’s Games. The games are designed around basic firefighting tactics, and some “Old School” firefighting. There is a Hook-Up Contest where firefighters compete to stretch and hook up a hose line and knock down a target, a Broken Hose competition to simulate replacing a broken section of hose line while the water is still flowing, and an old fashioned Bucket Brigade, this takes us back to the days of old, when firefighters and town’s folk responded to a neighbor’s need and lined up to extinguish a fire with buckets of water. Sandy Spring’s volunteers took first place in the games by winning two of the three competitions, the Hook-Up, and the Broken Hose… They came in second place in the bucket brigade. It must be noted here, that Sandy Spring’s team was two people short on the two events it won, and one person short in the Bucket Brigade thanks to County Councilmember Phil Andrews who jumped in to help us out. Many Thanks to Mr. Andrews! Additionally, upon returning to quarters we learned that Sandy Spring took the top award at the parade… Best Appearing Overall, making it a clean sweep for the day!



Water Rescue Personnel Featured Again, This Time In The Gazette

Wednesday, August 21, 2013  Sandy Spring members were again featured in an article, this time in the Gazette News Paper on their work on our waterways and during periods of flooding. Please take some time to read the article, and browse the photos. Remember, if you come across a flooded road… Please, Turn Around, Don’t Drown! The 5 minutes you think you will save by crossing is not worth your life!

Olney Gazette Article Click HERE



Sandy Spring's Members of the Montgomery County River Rescue and Tactical Services Team Featured in Washington Post Article

Sunday, August 11, 2013  Volunteers at Sandy Spring who are members of the county’s Special Operations Unit, The River Rescue And Tactical Services Team (RRATS) were featured in a recent article in the Washington Post. Please read the article, view the photos and video, and Please Remember… Montgomery County’s waterways, especially the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers are beautiful, but they can be deadly!!!

Washington Post Article- Click HERE

Washington Post Gallery- Click HERE

Washington Post Video- Click HERE


Rafting with the Potomac river rescue crew


Sandy Spring Volunteers Take Best Appearing!

On the evening of Thursday July 25th, 2013 Sandy Spring members headed north to Mt. Airy, MD to participate in the Mt. Airy Volunteer Fire Company’s “Annual Gala Parade.” Lead by Chief Kelley, Sandy Spring took 13 pieces of apparatus to include the following…

Chief-704                      Utility-740

Car-704                         ATV-740 Bravo

Chief-704                      Engine-740 C (54’ Mack)

Boat-740                       Canteen-740

Utility-704                      Tanker-704

Airboat-704                   Truck-740


Also joining us in the parade was newly elected MSFA 2nd Vice President Roth, and MSFA Fire Prevention Queen Danielle Crane.

On this evening, 13 turned out to be our lucky number! At the conclusion of the parade, members headed over to the MAVFC Fireman’s Carnival to find out their hard work had paid off! “Best Appearing” said the announcer over the loud speaker, “Goes to the Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Dept. of Montgomery County, MD.” Many thanks to those who helped prepare the apparatus we took, staff the apparatus left behind, and to those who participated! Job Well Done!!!

Please click on a photo for more photos!

Photos by Connie Somerville, Captain M. Brown



Busy Weekend For Sandy Spring's Water Rescue Personnel

Saturday, July 20, 2013

In the morning, members of the River Rescue and Tactical Services Team headed down to the U.S. Park Police Aviation Hangar known as the “Eagle’s Nest”, where the Park Service house their helicopters, Eagle-1, and Eagle-2. The reason for their visit was their annual re-certification in Helo-Ops, or Helicopter Hoist Operations. Members practiced hoisting the patient litter, and themselves should they have to evacuate an injured person from a isolated or hard to reach location such as Mather Gorge along the Potomac, or Rocky Gorge along the Patuxent River.

Additionally, the members headed to the Potomac River in the afternoon to practice running the heavy currents around Great Falls to hone, or maintain their skills in operating their boats in swift water. Team members routinely operate in Class III and IV rapids, in order to be ready should emergencies happen along the rivers, or as often happens, major flooding during rain storms, or when tropical depressions visit our area.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Boat-740 along with members of the team responded to the 8500 Blk. of Snouffer School Rd. in Gaithersburg for a report of someone in the water at Nike Missile Park. Other units arrived on scene to discover that there was no rescue to be made due to the apparent remains of a person floating in the pond. While the team is primarily a “Swift Water Rescue Team”, unfortunately recovery is part of the job as well. Members suited up in dry suits, rubber gloves, and masks, to protect themselves, and while coordinating with Montgomery County Police, recovered the remains of the then unidentified person with their small inflatable boat. Team members were then decontaminated, and monitored on the scene while they re-hydrated due to massive fluid loss while operating in dry suits on a very hot summer day. Once cleared by the rehab and medical section, members cleaned up, and returned to service.



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